Zita (Giselle Veronesi with Devonia)

Zita our beautiful new girl from Bologna in Italy

Zita as a puppy

Zita is now nearly 8 years of age. Although she is not as lively as she was as a puppy and likes to sleep a lot, she is still a firm favourite.   She is so full of personality.  She epitomises the character of a Bolognese is really square and has a fabulous coat and black nails.  

Devonia Bolognese introduce Zita, our new Italian import

Zita came to the UK from Italy in 2012 and as a puppy was certainly a bundle of fun, she was into everything but what can one say, she was the perfect puppy!! We are so pleased to have this little girl with us here & she settled into the UK with her adopted brother & sisters.  We kept one of her puppies Devonia's Red Hot Summer and usually where you find one you find the other, they are like two peas out of one pod. 

 Zita started her show career at Windsor Championship Show in June, under breed specialist Stuart Band. She won her puppy class and went on to achieve Best Bolognese Puppy in Breed. The critique given to her reads
"Thatchers Giselle (Imp) They say good things come in small packages. This diminutive bitch was a cracker! Super head, eye and captivating expression. Superb front and complimentary rear. Correct coat. I was besotted. Stuart Band” What a start to a show career.

The next show was Paignton & District under Stuart J.Mallard, again Zita achieved Best Puppy in Breed.
Bournemouth Championship show followed under Ms. S. Smith again Best Puppy in Breed.
Welsh Kennel Club Mr. D. Jenkins – Best Puppy in Breed
City of Birmingham Championship Show under Judge Carla Molinari (Portugal) Best Puppy in Breed her critique reads
"Thatcher’s Giselle Veronesi with Devonia (Imp) Excellent type, lovely expression, excellent proportions. Very promising puppy, sound mover”
Richmond Championship Show under Judge Peter A. Young saw another Best Puppy in Breed and also Reserve Best Bitch in Breed.

Zita had a fabulous first summer in the show ring. She continued during the year of 2013 to do well in the show ring and has Three Best of Sex in Breeds to her name attained at Bath Championship Show 2013, Three Counties Championship Dog Show and South Wales Kennel Association. We also took her to Kortrijk in Belgium in November 2013 where she received the C.A.C. and C.A.C.I.B. and Best of Breed.

Devonia Bolognese Dogs


Zita winning Best Puppy in Breed at the Welsh Kennel Club show in 2012

Devonia Bolognese DogsDevonia Bolognese Dogs
Head study of Zita.                                                                                              Zita with Romeo

Zita was absent from the show ring for over a year on maternal duties as she is the "Mum" of Rosa (Devonia's Red Hot Summer).

Zita returned to the show ring in the autumn of 2015 and we took her to Kortrijk in November where she was awarded Reserve CAC and CACIB only beaten by her Daughter Rosa.

Zita has now retired from the show ring and enjoying a well earned rest.

March 2019